Dr. Prasida Khanal

Nepal, Asia Pacific Region
Knowledge Management Specialist - GYFAL

Dr. Prasida Khanal is a global public health practitioner and a dentist with a diverse professional and volunteer experience in health as well as humanitarian endeavors. She is a recipient of the "United Nations Volunteer Award 2013" and the UN Women- Knowledge Gateway "Community Champion for Women's Economic Empowerment 2013 and 2014" recognition. She reached the final round of the selection process to share her experience and highlight the contributions United Nations Volunteers (UNV) are making to peace and development, with UNV’s existing and potential partners in a format similar to “TED” talks, called Inspiration in Action - Blue Room Talks.

She is driven to alter the lives of people she touches with her professional and volunteer endeavors. To serve the purpose, she has volunteered with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Department of Political Affairs, United Nations Women- Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment, United Nations Millennium Campaign-My World 2015, American Red Cross, and many other non-profits in the United States of America.

Her professional expertise and experience of working as a community dental practitioner has enhanced her capacity to acknowledge the status of the disadvantaged communities of Nepal. She is well-versed with policy, need assessment, development of targeted training resources, organizing peer learning opportunities, planning, monitoring, and program appraisal. She strives to foster inter-agency collaboration and believes in implementing an integrated and sustainable program that meets the need of a diverse community. Similarly, she has obtained multiple national level trainings on information technology, scientific writing, proposal development, research methods, and grant writing.

At present, she is the Director for the “Y-FI” (Young Women Farming Initiative) project/Mission Agriculture, which economically empowers disadvantaged Nepali women through commercial agriculture. She also serves as Women’s Economic Empowerment Consultant for Nepal’s First Farmer School and Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW). She has conceptualized and implemented campaigns for women farmers economic empowerment through innovation and communication.

As a Knowledge Management Specialist of GYFAL, she works to assess knowledge management needs, develop strategies to meet those needs, identify and obtain required information and resources and support team members in executing tasks. In summary, she works for effective implementation of programs and activities.
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