Global Youth Forum For Food, Agriculture & Land (GYFAL)

Maged Thabet Saleh Sultan

Yemen , Middle East region

Mr. Maged Sultan has a Master Degree in English Linguistics and diplomas in marketing, accounting and computer. He has attended a number of training courses on project proposal writing, project management, leadership, planning, ToT, project financial management, etc. He has participated in many local workshops, forums and seminars. He has also participated in international workshops such as training course on project management in Cairo in 2012 organized by UN-Habitat Urban Youth Forum, a workshop on connecting youth to land and land to youth in Casa Blanca- Morocco in 2012, a learning event on the land tenure and property rights in the Muslim World in Cairo in 2013, organized by GLTN and a Learning Exchange Workshop from 7 to 9 November 2013 and the 5th Partners’ Meeting from 11 to 14 November 2013, in The Hague, The Netherlands, organized by the GLTN.

Currently, Mr. Maged is an instructor in the Faculty of Arts, Taiz University, Yemen, the chairman of Youth Development Organization (YDO)- a youth-led NGO based in Taiz-Yemen, president of Taiz Network for Development (TND) and a member of the consultative board of Yemen Youth Observatory Organization. He is implementing a project titled Connecting Yemeni Youth with State and Endowment Lands, funded by UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund and GLTN, aiming at developing a draft of a national strategy to connect Yemeni youth with State and Endowment Lands.

Mr. Maged has also worked as a local expert and consultant for Consulting Institution like Althuria Agricultural Consulting, Training & Technical studies. He has experience in different fields like fund raising, projects management, project coordinating, project monitoring and evaluation. In addition, he also performs a well-organized and stable management of the organization, participating in preparing the plans, the regulations, publications and media activities.