Global Youth Forum For Food, Agriculture & Land (GYFAL)

Talita Montiel

Brazil, North American Region

Talita Montiel is a consultant to social development projects with special focus on innovation, technology, and building networks. Her latest projects are related to corporate social responsibility and highly networked individuals embracing social causes. Previously, she worked at the Telefonica Foundation as a senior project analyst, where her responsibilities included coordinating a network focused on children and public policies, forming partnerships, and bridging non-profits with local government through new technologies.

Earlier in her career, Talita worked at the Global Youth Action Network, strengthening youth leadership by building collaborative networks around international events. Previously, through Instituto Fonte, she studied planning, management, and evaluation techniques of social projects. Her experience as a learning process facilitator for the third sector in Brazil was developed through participation in many diverse groups from an early age. Talita majored in History at the University of Sao Paulo.Talita Montiel is one of the speakers of the UN-Habitat/WUF7 Youth Roundtable.