Maria Florencia Carzon

Argentina, Latin America

Maria is a global advocate against hunger who is highly passionate to struggle and take initiatives for zero hunger, food and nutritional security for all the people. She has got degree on human nutrition last year. During her course of study, she has done several nutritional education projects in order to contribute to nutritional and food security. Last year, she was engaged in an NGO in the city where she lived, which promotes healthy habits by teaching children and families how to cook, family farming and recycling. In 2014 she was a student assistant in the subject “Healthy children nutrition” in the University where she studied, FASTA. This year she decided to be an assistant professor in “Food policy” subject.

She was chosen as the Argentinian delegate for the Youth Ag Summit, held in August 2015 in Canberra, Australia. It was about "how to feed a hungry planet". The outcome was the Youth Ag Declaration, which was presented at the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in October. She is a Food Revolution Ambassador for Jamie's Oliver food foundation. She is also the Argentinian “My Bag Ambassador”. This is the post program activity of Indonesia Participating Youth in the 41st Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program. The idea is to stop using plastic bags by replacing them with “My Bag” which is Eco friendly, clothes bag.

In her country, last year, the department of agriculture created the national program to reduce food waste and lost. The action was taken through an initiative called “Let’s value food”. So following this, she proposed some projects to create awareness between students and professors in the University. In September, this year, she is giving a speech about her experiences and perspectives about the role of nutritionists in "feeding this hungry planet" in the 17th International Congress of Dietetics in Granada, Spain.

Currently, she is taking an online course called “Nutritional security” from the International NGO Action Against Hunger. She is also starting another course from FAO about food policies in Latin America. She wants to inspire, generate awareness, empower and engage more and more young people for zero hunger and dedicate for a world without hunger.