Tika Dhoj Bhandari

International Secretary-GYFAL

Tika Dhoj Bhandari is an environmental activist and developmental worker. He is one of the founders and architects of Nepal’s first environment friendly school. He is the Founding Chair of Green School Foundation. He has completed M.Sc and M.Ed. He has more than a decade of working experience in non-governmental organizations. He has led several community developmental and environmental projects especially at grassroots level.

He especially focuses on inspiring, educating and engaging children on social developmental initiatives. In this regard, he visits rural schools to deliver speech on socio environmental issues for school children and young students. He has experiences in the development of project proposal, dealing with donor organizations to raise fund and executing the project. At present, he has been working as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Green Institute- a school of policy-administration.

At national level, he is an active advocate of agriculture based and environment friendly rural development. He is also one of the Central Leaders of Nepali Greens.